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  Hillsborough County, Florida Names Interim Air Agency Director.  December 11, 2017.  Sterlin Woodard has been announced as the Interim Director In Training of the Hillsborough County, Florida EPCHC local air agency.  The current director, Jerry Campbell, will retire in March.  At that time, Sterlin will become the permanent director.  Sterlin has 27 years of experience at EPCHC, having performed engineering duties in the permitting and compliance programs.  We congratulate Sterlin on his selection and wish him the very best as he assumes his new duties.





Regional Haze Work to Begin Soon.  December 12, 2017.    The second round of regional haze SIPs are due from the states by July 31, 2021.  Metro 4/SESARM will assist the states in development of the required SIPs through technical project contracting and in-kind services from the member agencies.  This project may be referenced as VISTAS II. 


A Request for Proposals is currently in final development and will be distributed to our potential bidder list before the holidays.  If you or your company would like to receive the RFP, please contact John Hornback at hornback@metro4-sesarm.org.