VISTAS: Visibility Improvement State and Tribal Association of the Southeast

VISTAS was the original regional planning organization designated by U.S. EPA as the coordinating body for regional haze analysis in the Southeast. Formed by SESARM, it provided collaboration and facilitation services to ten southeastern states and supported preparation of regional haze SIPs that had a federal deadline of December 17, 2007. More recently, SESARM is conducting all regional planning work under the project name “Southeastern Modeling, Analysis, and Planning” (SEMAP). Original regional haze data and work products posted on the VISTAS and Metro 4/SESARM web sites have been saved on thumb drives and delivered to each participating state. The Metro 4/SESARM office also has thumb drives containing this information. If you have a need for the data, you may call the respective state in which you reside or do business, or you may contact Metro 4/SESARM at

For more recent technical project information, go to the SEMAP project page.