New 2016 Base Year Inventory Development.  Since early 2018, Metro 4/SESARM and other similar multijurisdictional organizations have been developing a new 2016 base year emissions inventory in a national collaboration with U.S. EPA.  This new inventory will not be available for the ongoing VISTAS Phase II regional haze project work but may serve future needs in the Southeast and other regions.  Information will be posted here when the 2016 inventory reaches a point where distribution is appropriate.

VISTAS Phase II Regional Haze Project Inventories.  2011 and 2028 emission inventories to support the regional haze SIPs have been prepared and processed as of August 3, 2018.  The VISTAS states are using EPA's 2011 base year inventories.  For 2028, electricity generating unit emissions and some other major source emissions were updated at the request of the VISTAS states.  ERTAC emissions were used for EGUs in the VISTAS modeling domain but outside the VISTAS states.  All other 2028 inventories from EPA were left as provided by EPA.