News from the Southeast



October 22, 2019.  Jason Howanitz, Senior Air Pollution Control Engineer for the Jefferson County, Alabama Air and Radiation Protection Division, was recently named to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Ar Act Advisory Committee.  Congratulations to Jason for this appointment.



New Knox County, TN Air Director Appointed.

October 7, 2019.   Knox County, Tennessee has announced the appointment of Brian Rivera as the new Director of the Air Quality Management Division.  He replaces long-time Director Lynne Liddington who retired earlier this year.  Brian has nine years of experience with Knox County where he has been involved in permitting, compliance, enforcement, and SIP work.  He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida from which he earned a BS in Civil Engineering and an MS in Environmental Engineering.  Married with three sons, Brian enjoys the outdoors and football.  We welcome Brian to his new position and wish him much success.


 New Miami-Dade County, FL Air Director Appointed.

July 30, 2019.   Today, Miami-Dade County, Florida’s Division of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) announced the appointment of Susana Palomino as the new Chief of the Air Quality Management Division.   Susana is a Professional Engineer registered in the State of Florida.  She has a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and 24 years of experience including ten years of private sector engineering and 14 years with Miami-Dade County.   She has worked in the Pollution Regulation and Water Management Divisions of DERM and for the past three years in the Air Quality Management Division.  She had been serving as interim Chief of the Division since Bernardo Bieler transferred to a different position in late-2018.  We welcome Susana to this position and wish her and her agency much success.


New Pinellas County, FL Air Director Appointed. 

May 11, 2019.  Today, Laura Crowder officially became Director of West Virginia DEP’s Division of Air Quality (DAQ).  Laura has worked for DAQ for over 25 years, the last 16 years in the Planning Section, four as the Assistant Director and the past two as both Assistant and Deputy Director.  Prior to working in the Planning Section, she worked as an inspector in the Compliance and Enforcement Section for nine years.  She has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from West Virginia Institute of Technology. Laura’s work experience has included SIP development, rule development, permitting, compliance and enforcement, and emissions inventory.  We congratulate Laura on her appointment and hope that she finds this position personally rewarding as she works with the DAQ staff and the various West Virginia Interests.


VISTAS Regional Haze Technical Work Continues. 18, 2019.  Monitoring data analysis, emissions inventory updates for 2028, air quality modeling, area of influence analysis, and source apportionment modeling have been completed.  Work on other project tasks and documentation are continuing.  Please see the "Regional Haze" tab under the "Technical Center" tab on this web site.  The projected completion of this technical analysis is scheduled for the spring of 2020.