Job Postings

The West Palm Beach FL is seeking the following Positions:


West Palm Beach Professional Engineer Supervisor II-SES-64058573

Salary:  starting $49,426.78

Posting Closing Date: 03/27/2018

Requisition No: 31404

Agency: Department of Health



The Tennessee Division of Air Pollution Control is seeking the following Positions:

TDEC-ENV CONSULTANT 4-022118-165897


     Environmental Measurements and Compliance Assurance:  This is the lead technical position in the area of environmental measurements and compliance assurance, reports to the deputy director of this area and has no immediate direct reports, but will work closely with the deputy director and the managers in this area to ensure program compliance and continuous program improvement.  The programs within this area include enforcement, ambient monitoring and quality assurance and stack testing. (closes 3/6/18)




     Quality Assurance: This is the manager position for our Quality Assurance program that is currently focusing on QA work for the ambient monitoring program.  This group includes our auditors, forecasters, and staff that performs data validation activities associated with providing our data to EPA.  This group works in collaboratively with the Technical Services program. (closes 3/6/18)




      • Technical Services:  This is the manager position for our ambient monitoring program, with the exception of the forecasting, auditing and data validation work that is done within our Quality Assurance group. (closes 3/6/18)