Our Staff


Doug Carson - Agency Support Specialist - Events

Doug Carson has served as an agency support specialist at Metro 4/SESARM since June of 2009. He is a 6-year veteran of the U.S. Navy's Silent Service (1976-1982, nuclear submarine duty) as an electronic technician.  He enjoyed a 20-year career at a major airline repairing x-ray machines, PA equipment, mini-computers and creating software.  His expertise includes FCC and A+ certifications as well as heavy programming talents in databases (MS Access, dBase, mySQL, VBA, VB6) and internet languages (HTML, PHP, Java Script).  He is a skilled photographer and enjoys reading and enhancing guitar skills. His family includes his wife and three adult children - two sons and a daughter. Doug works with the southeast region on training issues and also helps with maintenance of IT systems and the web site.




John Hornback - Executive Director.

John Hornback has served as executive director of Metro 4 and SESARM since January 2002. A native of Kentucky, he has a B.S. in Biology and served nearly 25 years in Kentucky’s environmental agencies, first in the water program and later for nearly a decade as director of the Division for Air Quality. He has been a soccer referee for nearly two decades. He has photographed nearly 300 covered bridges across the country. His family includes his wife (since 1977) and two adult sons.  John works with the southeastern agencies on technical and policy issues.