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New Executive Director Job Posting

November 19, 2021.  Please see our Job Postings at https://www.metro4-sesarm.org/content/job-postings for more information. Responses are due December 22nd. A brochure is available at https://www.metro4-sesarm.org/SESARM_Metro4_ED_Single_Page_Brochure.docx

Welcome to New Chattanooga-Hamilton County, Tennessee Air Pollution Control Bureau Executive Director!

January 4, 2021.  Ron Drumeller began his tenure today as the new Executive Director of Chattanooga-Hamilton County, Tennessee's Air Pollution Control Bureau.  We welcome Ron to this position.  More information about this appointment and Ron's background may be found at the "News" link above.


October 1, 2020.  PLEASE NOTE that office and staff contacts changed effective October 1, 2020.  Please see the "Contact Info" link above for updated staff, phone, e-mail, and mailing information.


VISTAS II Regional Haze Technical Project 

Please click on the "Technical Center" tab and then on "Regional Haze (VISTAS)" to review technical information for the Southeastern regional haze project for the second planning period.