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JANUARY 2, 2020


Metro 4 and SESARM are seeking an Executive Director to manage their organizations. 


Metro 4, Inc. and Southeastern States Air Resource Managers, Inc. are nonprofit organizations formed by and serving respectively 17 local and 10 state air pollution control agencies in the Southeast.  Responsibilities of the organizations include advocacy, communications, training, events, technical projects and other member agency support. 


The current Executive Director will retire on September 30, 2020.  The successful applicant will begin service to Metro 4 and SESARM during a staffing overlap period starting August 1, 2020.  The ultimate office location is negotiable but must be in the Southeast. 


Please refer to this job vacancy flyer and this detailed job vacancy document for more information.  If interested, please submit an application package by February 28, 2020, as prescribed in the linked vacancy information.


Please share this announcement with qualified colleagues.