VISTAS Regional Haze Project - Intro



"VISTAS" is the Visibility Improvement State and Tribal Association of the Southeast.  VISTAS is the regional planning organization responsible for convening state, local, and tribal air pollution control agencies and collaborating on regional air quality analysis work necessary to support development of regional haze state implementation plans.  The ten SESARM states, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and Knox County, Tennessee make up the governing body of the VISTAS project.  Originally organized to help states meet the SIP submittal deadline of December 17, 2007 for the first planning period, VISTAS is now assisting the states during this second planning period for which new regional haze SIPs are due July 31, 2021.  The organizational structure of the VISTAS project follows:

  • STAD - State and Tribal Air Directors - sets policy and oversees project goals and costs.
  • Coordinating Committee - chaired by Jim Boylan (Georgia Air Protection Branch), oversees operations and acts as a liaison between the STAD and lower organizational units.
  • Technical Analysis Work Group - chaired by Randy Strait (North Carolina Division of Air Quality), oversees technical tasks.
  • SIP Development Work Group - helps stated design and construct their regional haze SIPs.
  • Other work groups, sub-groups, and teams - established as needed to conduct specific work.

The VISTAS project is supported by lead contractor Eastern Research Group and subcontractor Alpine Geophysics.

The VISTAS project manager is John Hornback, Executive Director of Metro 4/SESARM.


  • The VISTAS Project was initiated in early 2018 and technical work began in April 2018.
  • The original project scope is scheduled to be completed by early spring 2020 with final reports due shortly thereafter.
  • The noted schedule is subject to change if additional technical work is prescribed.